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Service Offering / Data digitization Validation
Updating of critical information of transactions on real time systems often throws challenges to organizations in terms of time and effort. Careful outsourcing of the data entry function can lead to significant bottom line improvements

Experience of eGramIT’s clients shows :

  • Improved utilization in excess of 50% for their internal databases
  • 25% faster claim / request fulfillment
eGramIT assets Outcomes
Experience of validating more than 0.3 million claims for a large US insurance company
Experience of creating a recruitment database of more than 0.1 million resumes (> 2 million data fields) for a global IT company
Proven capability in turning around large volumes of work within short durations for a number of clients.
Experience of cleansing 0.5 million records data base for a leading publishing house in U.K.
Reduced cost over “transaction life cycle”
Focus on core work for the client and improvements in productivity to the extent of 20%